Business Services

Business Services

Veterinary Physiotherapy Clinics

– Available primarily for veterinary surgeries and rehabilitation centres (incl hydrotherapy centres), but please get in touch to discuss arranging one in your centre.

– Available to provide immediate post surgical veterinary physiotherapy

– To guide owners on continuation of these physiotherapy exercises on discharge

– To provide owners with a means of keeping in touch and monitoring the progress of their pet’s rehabilitation

– To provide electrotherapy treatments to reduce pain and promote healing.

– To support owners in managing long term, conservatively managed, and/or degenerative conditions.

– Available as half or full days.

– Please get in touch to discuss how this could further assist your practice and the services you offer your clients.


Veterinary Physiotherapy Workshops for Owners

– Provide assistance to owners on physiotherapy techniques to maintain fitness and strength, as well as strengthen muscles and core stability.

– For Small and Large Animals

– Cost available by discussion.